kirkstall abbey

Our Lady of Kirkstall Parish Council

It is a requirement of Canon law that each Parish has its Parish Council to assist the Parish Priest in responding appropriately to all pastoral concerns.

The purpose of the Parish Council is help the Parish Priest and his Assistant in the pastoral care of the Parish of Our Lady of Kirkstall which comprises the local Church Communities of the Assumption of Our Lady, St Mary (Horsforth), and the Holy Name of Jesus.

The Parish Council will
Provide a sounding board for reviewing the welfare and progress of the local Church community.
Respond to any suggestions that are made or problems that arise within the local Church community.
Respond to any requests for local Catholic initiatives.
Liaise with groups within the local Church community, and with fellow Christian Churches within the local area (Abbey Churches Together, Horsforth Churches Together, Churches Together in Leeds 16).
Engage in the planning of principal liturgical events and assist in the worthy celebration of the Mass, Sacraments and other Devotions throughout the year at the local Church.
Be involved in the organisation of social life and events within the local Church community, including the best use and administration of its various facilities.
Each local Church should have appropriate representation on the Parish Council of Our Lady of Kirkstall.  Four representatives is recommended.
The Parish Council of Our Lady of Kirkstall, should contribute towards the consolidation and development of the Catholic Life of the Parish of which each local Church is a constituent part.
Those representing the local Church on the Parish Council of Our Lady of Kirkstall should convey proposals emanating from that Parish Council and should raise, at the next Parish Council meeting, any concerns raised by members of their Church Community.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes OCTOBER 2022