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Baptism Preparation Group

Baptism SM

St.Mary's Baptism Preparation Group.

The St. Mary's Baptism Preparation Group was formed about 9 years ago. It has six catechists who, on a rota basis, hold meetings each month for parishioners who wish to have their children baptised.

Over the course of the evening the parents are encouraged to share why they want to have their children baptised and why it is important to them. The significance of the sacramental symbols used during the baptism ceremony are explained and we discuss how the parents and parish can help the children continue along in their faith.

This year so far we have had 25 families come to the preparation groups. The feedback we receive from the evenings is usually positive. The evenings not only allow parents to reflect upon their decision to baptise their child but also provide a forum for new parents to meet together, form friendships and find out about all the parish has to offer!

If you think you would like to become more involved in this ministry, particularly those who feel that they have benefited from it in the past, then please contact the parish office for more information.