kirkstall abbey

Imagery of the new Stained Glass windows.

stained glass

The North Light (left) The South Light (right)

The North light
Baptism, Confirmation and Marriage are represented in this light.

Baptism is shown in the bottom left circle. A white candle, tall and with a strong flame, illuminates a cascade of water, which is depicted in hand made 'streaky' glass (glass containing natural streaks and variations to give a flowing water-like effect).

Confirmation is represented in the top circle as the dove of the holy spirit descending. The Dove is set against a beam of light in golden and flame-like colours which shine down through the other sacraments.

The bottom left circle contains symbols of Marriage. Two candles glow, their light forming two interlinked rings.

The colours for this light are rich and jewel like with sky blues and greens forming a backdrop for white, gold, flame and orange, strong colours to symbolise life joy and new beginnings.

The South light
This light shows Holy Orders, Confession and Anointing of the Sick.

Holy Orders is represented in the top centre circle by a priest's stole in green, framing crossed keys, symbols of Christ's priesthood and the power of the church. The priest's stole extends down through the other two circles.

The bottom left circles contains the sacrament of Confession. A crucifix frames two hands. One hand is held up in penitence, the other moves to clasp it in reconciliation.

The Anointing of the Sick is depicted in the bottom right circle. A hand reaches down to a solitary candle. Golden oil drops from the hand, illuminated in the candle's glow.

This light has a backdrop of rich dark colour, with purples and deep blues for penitence and humility. The glittering gold, reds and greens symbolise God's love, eternal life and hope.

The glass used throughout will be handmade 'antique' enghanced painted textures.

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