kirkstall abbey

faith & Light

Faith & Light Communities bring together people with learning difficulties, their families and friends. We meet in the belief that each person has special gifts to share, and that, as members of God’s family, we are called to encourage and support each other.
Our Lady of Kirkstall Parish Faith & Light Community serves all the N. Leeds area and meets once a month in the Hall adjoining Holy Name Church, beginning with a Religious Service (sometimes Mass) and followed by tea.

The time we spend in prayer together is an important part of our meeting and we are grateful for the help and support we receive from our priests.

In addition to our regular meetings we enjoy several social activities together during the year and twice a year we meet with other communities from the North of England. We welcome new members from the North Leeds area.
The invitation is not just for people with disabilities and their families and friends but to anyone who could help us occasionally or on a regular basis, for example with transport or catering.

To find out more contact one of the Parish Secretaries on 0113 2678257 or 2582607.